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Technical Design | Integrations | Security | Performance | UX Design

  • Technical Design

    High level and low level designs that make for a robust system

    A good technical design is the basis for building robust systems. It starts with picking the right technical stack, followed by high level design and low level design for both the functional and the non functional aspects of the system. These fundamental choices require careful consideration and deep technical knowledge and could ultimately be the difference between a good and bad experience for users and ultimately businesses.

  • Integrations

    Making multiple systems work together

    New age systems don’t work in isolation. Integrations happen at multiple levels of the tech stack and are context dependent. Having deep technical expertise in these areas is crucial in order to be able to leverage the right set of techniques and to ensure the best experience for your customers, while keeping the systems secure and reliable and the costs low.

  • Security

    Keeping user and business data safe in the ever evolving technical landscape

    Security concepts are not well understood generally. It is precisely this point that malicious users and third party systems try to take advantage of by finding vulnerabilities in systems to exploit. Having an in-depth understanding of security concepts is critical for a business to safe guard itself and it’s customers.

  • Performance

    Removing bottlenecks at every level for a smooth experience

    Performance improvement is a vast topic and is highly context dependent. What works for one system might not work for another as each one has it’s own challenges. It ranges from network protocols to database optimisations to algorithms and usually is a combination of a few of them together. Identifying a performance problem is only the beginning. What is essential is to understand the root cause and then consider all the stakeholders’ point of view to come up with the most optimal solution.

  • UX Design

    Making systems business and customer oriented

    User experience is primarily about understanding customers and businesses. An effective user interface can lead a smooth and intuitive experience for customers. A badly designed interface can cause frustration for customers or fail to achieve business objectives, ultimately leading to losses. Since UX design happens at the beginning of development, identifying gaps in this phase can result in huge savings for businesses as cost of re-design, development, maintenance and monitoring could be far higher.